1. Photographs of George Prevelakis

GP as a baby with his mother
Irene Prevelakis

GP in the garden of his home
at age 7

GP as a pupil at age 11

GP as a teenager

GP as a teenager

GP during his army service

GP with two fellow students at the
Univ. of Arkansas (1958)

GP at work at the Insurers Association

The four brothers (Nikos,Pantelis, Lefteris and George)

GP with his wife Sophia Prevelaki (before they were married)

Sophia Prevelaki

GP with his wife Sophia Prevelaki
at their wedding

Sophia Prevelaki

Portrait of GP

Picture of GP in 2000 with his book
"The Beauties"

Sophia Prevelaki with Mrs Zeiler (wife of the then president of Miss Europe Organization)

GP with Miss Europe 2002 and the pageant's national directors

GP with Miss Greece 2003 Marietta Chroussala and his son Vassilis

GP at the Miss Universe 2006 Coronation ball with Miss Greece Olympia Chopsonidou

GP with Mrs Globe 2006 Manta Tsagia-Papadakou from Greece

2. George Prevelakis' bio from his book "The Beauties" (in Greek)

These are large files (around 8Mb each) and they are encoded in compressed TIFF format.

3. Photographs of Pantelis Prevelakis (brother of GP)

PP in 1925

PP in 1938

PP at his office in 1965

PP at the ceremony of his admission
to the Greek Academy (1978)

PP in the garden of his
summer house at Ekali

Two portraits of PP by
Costas Grammatopoulos

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